New VAT rules for overseas sellers

Purpose of note The aim of this note is to explain some of the new VAT rules that overseas sellers will need to follow after Brexit. In this context an overseas seller is a business that is established outside of the UK and doesn’t have an establishment within the UK.  The changes are reasonably complex because […]

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Health Tourism and VAT

Health tourism and VAT The health tourism business is an interesting area because it combines three types of VAT supplies: exempt services (the provision of health services is usually an exempt supply) standard rate services (for example, commissions charged) TOMS services (for example hotels & the like) This note looks at some of the issues […]

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VAT – Overseas aspects of land-related services

Land-related services and installed and assembled goods The purpose of this note is to provide some clarity on some overseas VAT aspects for land-related services and installed and assembled goods Situation 1 – Italian established business provides land-related services Italian Co is an Italian established company that provides building services in the UK Co). Italian […]

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