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Recruitment & HR services

We provide recruitment and HR services to UK subsidiaries and branches of overseas companies

We provide a range of recruitment and HR services that are tailored to overseas companies that have operations in the UK. Our services range from simple recruitment projects through to providing a part-time HR manager that can help enforce HR discipline and best practice in your UK operations.

Basic “Advertise, CV and Review” recruitment

In some cases our clients ask us to write and place a job advert for them and to filter CVs on their behalf. This works well for administrative and junior sales roles.

More advanced “Executive Search & Selection”

For more senior recruitment we usually engage the services of an executive search and selection company, that will actively search for candidates, or who have appropriately qualified candidates that are already on their database.

Simple, readable employee contracts

We produce simple, readable and enforceable employee contracts from our standard templates. In this way we don’t usually draft documents ourselves (which keeps the cost down). Instead we use templates that are written by solicitors (we subscribe to the same templates services as are used by many leading legal practices).

Tailored and appropriate staff manuals

In a similar way, starting with standard templates, we help you to write staff manuals.

Part-time HR Manager

We can also provide a part-time HR Manager – someone who can conduct, for example, exit and entry interviews and annual reviews, on your behalf. This service can help you to enforce HR discipline and best practice in your processes and can put a helpful distance between your UK executives in the UK and their staff.

Holiday & sickness tracking

Our payroll software will take care automatically of holiday and sickness tracking.


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